Russell STANDRING « Big Foot »

Ton travail chez HP/ Qui es-tu?

I have worked for HP for 16 years in Grenoble, and I work for PPS Engineering in Grenoble as an EMEA Consumer Supply Chain Program Manager.  I also am a trainer for the HP Photoclub in Grenoble, and run courses on Studio and Sports photography as well as photo editing.

A quelle(s) éditions de la CdC as-tu participé ?

This is my fourth participation as the official photographer for the HP team.

Qu’est-ce qui t’a amené à vouloir participer / recommencer?

The Course du Coeur is an amazing journey, both physically and emotionally.  Each edition has been a unique and memorable experience, and to capture that with my camera is a special opportunity for me.

Qu’est-ce que ça représente pour toi ?

The Course du Coeur represents a journey on a personal level, but also with the team.  Already we have started on that journey with the weekend team building in January, but when the event starts, we will really begin the adventure.  I’m looking forward to capturing the emotion of the event with my camera.

Qu’est-ce qui te fait peur, qu’est-ce que tu as hâte de voir/faire dans la course?

For the team, I hope that the build up and event takes place without any injuries.  In previous years before the Course du Coeur, I was bitten by a dog while training just before the event, Another year, I suffered an ankle strain while running two weeks before the Course du Coeur.  Finally, I broke a rib on the third day of the Course du Coeur, after slipping while photographing the team from the minibus window.    This year I would like to stay healthy!

Ton rôle dans l’équipe ?

I’m the photographer for the team.  I’ll be jumping between minibuses over the four days and getting the photos online in the evening.

Le don d’organe, c’est quoi pour toi ?

It’s life.  Organ donation can mean that somebody can start to live again, and the Course du Coeur allows us to meet and talk to people who have had their lives changed by organ donation.

Un mot sur l’équipe HP ?

Full of French people.

Que feras tu après cette course particulière et forte émotionnellement ?

It takes a few days to recover from the fatigue after the Course du Coeur, but then I will be looking to publish the photos and videos to the team.  I will also look to continue to promote organ donation, inside and outside HP in any way I can.

Quel est ton slogan dans la vie ?

Be excellent to each other!



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